Actual Male Model Patrice Bergeron

South Park style avatar by Andrew Ference. No, really. It pays to know what the number one export from Timbuktu is, kids.

8-bit avatar by Al Creed
"Do you like one direction? Yes, north." -Jack Edwards
I live just outside Atlanta.
I’ve always sworn my life would never revolve around a man. And yet somehow, my life has come to revolve around 23 of them...the men of the Spoked B.
I have plenty of goalie love.
Bruins Nation Southeastern Chapter.
I also like other things such as Star Trek, the NBC comedies, Harry Potter (I'm a Hufflepuff, per Pottermore), Pokemon, a wide variety of music, food, etc.
And now, Patrice Bergeron shirtless, thanks to Donna.


The LA Times provides us with a refreshingly honest story hed and dek. #JournalismFTW


Why I do the job I do

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    I hate our government…
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    ACCURATE Why I do the job I do
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    kill the government.
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